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Purple "Ice Cream"

Prep Time

5 minutes

Prep Notes

This is a great non-dairy substitute for ice cream.   The recipe includes cocoa but it can be made without and it is also delicious!  You can add additional almond or coconut milk to thin it if necessary, but I haven't found I need to do that.  Consistency can be anywhere from the thickness of ice cream, to a soft serve cone, to a shake.

Cooking Time

0 minutes


2 servings


1 cup of frozen blueberries

1 ripe frozen banana

¼ cup raw cashews (If they are soaked for at least 3 hours, you will get a creamier consistency, but it works with them straight from the bag too!)

1-2 tablespoons powdered cacao (or cocoa)

Optional: almond milk


  1. Put all ingredients except almond milk into the Vita-Mix container. 
  2. Start on a lower speed to get things mixing, and slowly dial up to high. Use tamper to push fruit down into blades. 
  3. Blend on high until you have the consistency you would like. Add almond milk if it is still too thick. Enjoy!


Note: you can also add walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts right at the end for some crunch and goodness of healthy fats. Or add cacao nibs. Cacao is rich in antioxidents and good for your heart!