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Asian Lettuce Cups

Prep Time

20 minutes

Prep Notes

This is a recipe the whole family will love!

Cooking Time

15 minutes


4-6 servings


3 tbsp sesame oil (or olive or coconut) 

3 tbsp minced red onion

2 tbsp minced fresh garlic (2-3 garlic cloves)

2 tbsp grated ginger root (or 2 tsp powdered ginger)

1 lb. ground turkey breast 

¼- 1/3 cup finely diced red pepper, about 1 small or ½ large pepper (can use food processor)

1/3 cup finely chopped carrots (or chop in food processor)

1/3 cup finely chopped red cabbage (can buy pre-shredded andchop)

2 tbsp tamari or Coconut Aminos

1 tbsp rice vinegar

Chili powder to taste (about 2 tsp with a mild chili) or 1 tsp. sriracha (can adjust to make more or less spicy)

1 cup chopped fresh cilantro

¼ cup toasted slivered almonds

1 scallions, thinly sliced

2 heads Boston or Butter Lettuce (or try using blanched Collard Green leaves)

Pinch of sea salt to taste


  • Heat oil in frying pan
  • Brown ground turkey until crumbling apart and no longer pink.  Remove from pan.
  • Add remaining oil to pan.  Add onion, garlic, ginger root and sauté oneminute.
  • Add red pepper, carrots, cabbage and sauté another minute or so. 
  • Return cooked turkey to pan and sauté a few more minutes.
  • Add tamari, chili powder and vinegar.
  • Add toasted almonds, scallions and cilantro (alternatively, you can put these on the table in bowls as a garnish.)
  • Spoon the turkey filling into the lettuce leaves and enjoy!

·     Use soy sauce, hoisin, spicy mustard sauce (for dipping, if desired)


Evey Schweig