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Why I Said "No Way" to Detoxing!


A short while ago, a friend asked me to join her in doing a "juice detox."


My response at the time was anything but positive! NO WAY! I was not in favor of an extreme detox, or cleanse, or any form of “quick fix” diet.


Fast forward 4 or 5 years and my view of a detox has changed - somewhat.


In part because I understand now that a good detox does not mean a drastic overhaul of my diet. A detox  doesn’t need to be calorie restricting and consist of eating raw vegetable sticks and juice all day. 


Our bodies are uniquely designed to naturally filter out foreign agents and harmful cellular by-products. These harmful agents, or toxins, can come from many sources around us. They can be found in our homes, in the air, and in our food.  Believe it or not, negative emotions such as anger and stress can also be toxic to us.


We have grown up with these toxins all around us. Our bodies are busy neutralizing their effects all the time, all day long and even when we sleep.  But our bodies are only able to deal with these assaults for so long.  After years and years of exposure, the body gets tired of this constant battle.  When that happens, our quality of life can begin to suffer.


Signs of the body defending itself can show up as aches and pains in the joints. But did you know that toxins can affect your mood too? These could be symptoms that your body is trying to heal itself from years of exposure to toxins.


"The body needs support in order to

maintain its ability to heal itself."


According to Dr. Will Cole, in his article "16 Signs It’s Time for a Detox," these are a few of the more common signs that you could benefit from a detox:  


  • You have intense sugar cravings.  One major contributing factor to toxins in our food is processed foods containing high amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates.  These foods lead to a heightened response by the immune system called inflammation.  
  • Your joints are achy; also a sign of inflammation.
  • You are experiencing digestive distress such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation.
  • Your skin is prone to breakouts or rashes.  Skin is our largest detox organ. These conditions are signs that your skin is having a hard time ridding the body of harmful toxins.
  • You don’t sleep well and you feel constantly fatigued.  The adrenal gland is responsible for keeping us energetic.  “This occurs when your brain and adrenal glands are not communicating well due to elevated cortisol levels because of toxin buildup, stress, inflammation, or microbiome imbalances.” 1
  • You suffer from seasonal or food allergies.
  • Your thoughts are foggy and you can’t seem to focus on tasks.  This is due, again, to inflammation from exposure to toxins.
  • You’re stressed.  This can stem from environmental toxins related to your relationships or work environment.
  • You’re moody.
  • Your hormones are off. Our hormones are constantly communicating with each other.  If even one hormone is not functioning properly in response to inflammation or lifestyle toxins, it will negatively effect how they work together.
  • You have body odor. “Your body is always working to eliminate toxins, and body odor is just one sign that your body is trying to cleanse itself." 2
  • You get cold sores.  These can erupt are when dormant viruses in your body “wake up” because your immune system is weak due to factors like toxins and inflammation. 


If you recognize one or more of these symptoms in yourself, you could benefit from a change in your diet!


So, has my opinion changed about

the benefits of doing a detox? 


That depends on what you mean by "detox."


Having studied nutrition, I understand how important it is for us to eat foods that assist our body in doing what it is supposed to do.  That doesn’t mean depriving it of calories and drinking meals.  It does mean the quality of the calorie consumed is very important, though. 


There are certain foods that naturally help support our organs of detox, allowing them to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.  These are specific foods that are found in nature:  whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, and most importantly, green leafy veggies. 


There are also certain foods that do just the opposite.  They cause the body to work harder than it has to in order to function properly.


“What a detox should do is provide a maximum of foods that support toxin elimination, and minimize exposure to detrimental foods, chemicals in the environment, and stressful lifestyle situations.”


Want to find out more about which beneficial foods you should be eating, AND which ones to avoid? 


Join me for a FREE webinar entitled “WHAT THE DETOX?!” 

In this 60-minute presentation with my colleague and fellow health coach Mary Ellen Zung,  you will learn more about how our body is designed to naturally eliminate the toxins that are all around us, and why that is harder than ever for our body to do! 


You will learn about which foods we should avoid and which we should be eating more of.  (Hint, I mentioned some of them above!)  In addition to the food we eat, we will also discuss where toxins are hiding in our homes, cars, yards, and workplaces.


We will also introduce the details of our new program, “Metamorphosis 5-Day Spring Detox” and why this whole food program is different from other detoxes you may have heard of. 


Hope you can join us!


Please RSVP with an email so I know you are interested!  Just put "DETOX" in the subject line.  


I will also send you a BONUS "Detox Quiz" that we will discuss further in the webinar! Here are the details:



WHEN: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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We look forward to spending some quality time with you!

Yours in Health,



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