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The Bitter Truth About Greens

I had a dear friend that used to tell me that “bitter greens are good for the blood.” At the time I didn’t take this message to heart because 1) I really didn’t understand what that meant, and 2) um, why would anyone choose to eat anything bitter when you could eat something sweet instead? Read More

Never Fail Greek Chicken

This comes out great every time! So simple with only 5 ingredients. Here is another great recipe if you are on a Whole Food Cleanse! I have made this with the entire chicken or chicken pieces, bone in and bone out, with or without skin. It never seems to fail. Good enough for company and so good for you. If you are following a Paleo or Mediterranean diet, this is the perfect recipe! Read More

Incredibly Easy Pineapple Vinaigrette!

Include this in your Spring Cleanse! I am always looking for a good salad dressing. Here is a super easy recipe for Pineapple Vinaigrette - just in time to dress up all those super healthy green salads. This dressing goes well with a spring cleanse because it is made with extra virgin olive oil and no added processed sugars. It gets its natural sweetness from fresh pineapple. Read More

You Can Eat That?! Ways to Get More From Your Produce Drawer

I am always trying to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day; on average that is about 9 servings a day, the majority of that being vegetables, preferably not starchy ones. One way I accomplish this is by filling half my plate with vegetables every meal. Needless to say, my produce drawer is always full and I am constantly looking for creative ways to use the contents before they go bad! The obvious solution is to store everything properly. (See my blog The Mystery of the Refrigerator Drawers for more on this topic.) But another answer would be to use more of the food that you already buy... Read More

Chocolate Smoothie and It's Good for You!

I'm a guest blogger again for Spynergy Winnetka!

I am talking about the benefits of chocolate this time - and there are many, it turns out!  Not only that, but I got to try out a new recipe for a Chocolate Smoothie that kept me satisfied throughout my spinning workout without any "dead weight" feeling in my stomach.  I bet it would work well for whatever your morning brings and keep you happy until lunchtime!  

Let me know if you try the smoothie and what you think about it!

Yours in Health,

Photo courtesy of cacaobug at Flickr

Homemade Sauerkaut: More Than Just Cabbage!

Sauerkraut is a fermented food and fermented foods seem to be making a lot of news lately! Recently, fermented food was listed as one of the new food trends of 2015 on the cover of the Good Eating section of the Chicago Tribune (November 4, 2014), and with good reason. Find out why fermented foods are so good for us! Read More

Sally Fallon Morell: Old Fashioned Food

Bone-brothThis is a great interview with Sally Fallon Morell done by The People's Pharmacy.  In it, Ms. Morell describes the benefits of the foods that our great-great-granparents might have eaten, including: butter, fats, whole milk, fermented foods, meat and bread. While I don't drink milk or other dairy products (I have allergies which the dairy aggravates), I am a huge fan of healthy grass-fed meats, eggs, fermented foods and bone broth.

It includes an interesting fact about how Louis and Clark overspent their budget in order to bring soup along with them on their famous journey!  Also a possible correlation between MSG and weight gain in lab rats.

The following is an excerpt from the interview and write-up from The People's Pharmacy page.

For decades, the diet dictocrats have warned us to back away from the butter, minimize the meat and skimp on the salt. The recommended menu might not taste terrific, but it was supposed to prevent heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Unfortunately, the evidence to back these dietary policies up has never been supported by strong science. Even today, policymakers are wrangling over how much cholesterol should be permitted, and whether we really need to cut sodium to 1,500 mg a day or less.

Saturated Fat
The controversy over saturated fat rages on. Recent articles include a meta-analysis published in Open Heart and a study published in theJournal of Nutrition.

Our guest, Sally Fallon Morell, advocates returning to traditional foodways. Rather than follow the latest trends, she urges Americans to eat like their great-great-grandparents did and enjoy wholesome old-fashioned food. High on her list: a big bowl of broth.

Yours in Health,

Photo credits:
Farm share by Kevin Chin via Flickr
Bone broth cropped from Mace Ojala via Flickr

Why You Should Add Hemp to Your Diet

You may be hearing a lot lately about this "new" superfood called hemp. Hemp has proven itself to be a significant source of nutrients and regaining its well deserved title. A tablespoon of hemp in your morning smoothie will not only give it a nutritious boost but add additional creaminess. Try sprinkling some over your oatmeal. They add a delicious crunch to any salad as well. Or try substituting regular milk with one made from hemp seeds. Hemp milk can be found at most health food stores. Read on for more health benefits of hemp and snack bar recipe! Read More

Can Breathing Deeply Help You Lose Weight?

Well, maybe not directly, but it can help you burn fat more efficiently! I often talk to my clients about the benefits of slow, mindful breathing for weight loss to help engage the parasympathetic nervous system that helps us "rest and digest." But it turns out more oxygen helps us burn more fat. Photo credit: Universidad Europea de Madrid via Flickr Read More

6 Antiviral Foods You Should Be Eating

"Flu Activity Worsens Nationwide, CDC Says" According to the January 5 report from ABC News “The 2014-15 flu season continues to be especially bad in the United States, with 43 states now reporting either high or widespread flu activity, according to the latest flu surveillance report… The flu season started early this year, Fauci said, and although it usually tapers off a bit around the holidays, when people stay home from the office, that didn't happen this year…The Southern states and the Midwest have been hit hardest so far.” 1 Bad news for us! But what are we supposed to do about it? Read More