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Does this sound all too familiar?


"I just wish I could fit into my fun jeans again."

"I used to enjoy getting out, but now I find myself sitting in front of the TV every night. It just takes too much energy."







Are you feeling slow and sluggish?

Want to shed some of those winter pounds that leave you feeling bloated and lethargic?

You could benefit from "detoxifying" your food and environment.



Take the first step towards YOUR improved health and vitality.


With this 5 day holistic detox program,

it's easy!



You will regain energy and get that "Spring" back in your step.  By eating seasonal foods that are naturally designed to rev up the detoxing power of your body, you will begin to shed the heaviness brought on by winter foods. 



What the Metamorphosis 5-Day Detox IS:

What the Metamorphosis 5-Day Detox IS NOT:

IT IS a fun 5 day program designed to clean out the heaviness that comes from eating the high-carb and warming foods of winter.

IT IS healthy recipes that your whole family can enjoy along with you.  And yes, most you can eat with a knife and fork.

IT IS a guided program that concentrates on eating whole foods that are designed to assist the liver, a major detoxifiying organ of the body. 

IT IS focused on eliminating toxins in your environment and your foods using techniques derived from modern science as well as the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and eating seasonal foods.

IT IS a supportive positive environment.  There are no group meetings, but we will support each other through a private Facebook page and email.  

You are not alone! You have the support and guidance of TWO experienced Health Coaches who will be available to support you and answer any questions you may have.

You will have all the information you need to get started immediately: a comprehensive program guide as well as menu planners and cookbook containing delicious recipes designed to eliminate gluten, dairy, alcohol, or red meat.

IT IS NOT a flush or juice cleanse designed for drastic weight loss diet.


IT IS NOT difficult to follow, nor do you need to buy "special" foods.


IT IS NOT a juice or raw food diet.  The menu is designed to encourage you to eat healthy, whole foods that are delicious enough to eat all the time.


IT IS NOT a starvation diet.  You will feel satisfied and won't feel deprived.


IT IS NOT designed for a long period of time, just 5 days.  But we hope you will continue to use what you learn to improve the way you eat for a lifetime.
























A lot can happen in just 5 days!

Yes! I am ready to get my energy and "Spring" back into my step.  Untitled-1


Metamorphosis 5 Day Spring Detox
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For only $139,  you receive:

  • The Metamorphosis 5-Day Detox Guide with step-by-step instructions to prepare my meal plans.
  • A comprehensive Easy Reference Shopping List with all the foods I will need.
  • The Metamorphosis 5-Day Detox Cookbook with Delicious, Healthy Recipes that are easy to prepare.
  • 5-Day Menu Planner
  • Practical Tips on How To Detox Your Home
  • Support from two experienced Certified Holistic Health Coaches
  • E-mail access to your Health Coaches, Evey and Mary Ellen
  • Access to a Closed Private Facebook Group, a forum for discussion and support
  • 1:1 30-minute Private Wrap Up Call to review your progress and develop your personalized plan to ensure your continued success 
  • PLUS Bonus documents:
    • Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality
    • The EWG "List of Endocrine Disruptors: 12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How To Avoid Them"


   Metamorphosis 5 Day Spring Detox


Name of friend, if applies



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