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Health Coaching


"Evey was a caring and empathetic partner in my journey toward continued health and well-beign as I age.  She asked focused and insightful questions that helped me look at patterns in my life and in my dietary choices that were truly helpful.  She offered a variety of strategies and techniques to keep me on track toward my goals.  Her broad range of knowledge across many areas of lifestyle choices and nutrition theories allowed for lots of flexibility in my own decision making. She provided accountability without judgement and was always positive and encouraging."

Pat M., Speech Pathologist


"My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program with Evey were to increase my energy, make healthy meals for myself and my family, and add more balance in my life. Evey was able to help me work toward these goals by creating a customized and well thought out plan that allowed me to focus on small goals and build a healthy foundation every week so that achieving my larger goal was not overwhelming and just a part of the whole process.
I would recommend Evey to EVERYONE. Evey takes the time to understand all aspects of your life and how that contributes to your eating patterns. Her approach is fully customized to meet your specific needs. It’s not a one size fits all approach. She helps you create a plan that becomes a part of your every day life. She serves up the information at the right times and keeps you moving forward."
~ Kerri S., Integrated Marketing Recruiting and Project Consultancy

"I am a very health conscious 53 year old woman. I was eating well, exercising, taking good care of myself and yet there was some element in my diet that wasn't serving me well. Like so many women my age, I was gaining a pound here or there and was frustrated by my inability to get rid of the few pounds I had put on in my 50's. By talking to Evey, I came to understand the way sugar and a very limited amount of processed foods were undermining all of my best efforts. Through Evey's guidance to try to eliminate artificial sweeteners and make small changes in my diet, I was able to drop those few pounds and my energy level is back on track. I eat berries and other fruits and my sweet tooth is more than satisfied. This feels like an honest change for my life since I don't deprive myself. There are times when I still enjoy sweets but overall I stay on track keeping my sugar intake at bay and I am thoroughly enjoying the way I feel...
It was really quite simple because Evey made the concept easy to understand and more importantly, gave me recipes and suggestions for ways to add natural sugar back into my diet rather than wasting my "sweet tooth" on artificial sweeteners and additives. Not only is Evey knowledgeable in nutrition and healthy lifestyle but she likes to cook and she likes to eat so her recipes are actually good and her suggestions are very manageable!"
~ Susan Blumenthal

"We made the delicious purple ice cream and Julia said it is better than her favorite flavor strawberry ice cream.  We are going to try it with frozen raspberries and banana, and also frozen [mixed] berries and bananas.  Thank you so much for the great recipe...Stay tuned as we try more of your recipes."
~Diane S. 

"The most significant overall change I have noticed has been lower stress levels, feeling good about myself and setting boundaries around not letting myself get exhausted. Evey is very knowledgable, positive, professional, organized and available. It is obvious that she loves what she does and is eager to help individuals create unique strategies to improve their healthy eating and lifestyle. I would highly recommend her as a health coach!"
~ Tonja Hall, Marketing & Corporate Design Coordinator

"I wanted to let you know that Glenn has been consuming 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with water twice a day everyday and we have noticed a big improvement in his cough... I do think he feels like he is getting some relief and that this simple addition to his diet has helped. Thanks so much!"
~  Deborah Darlington

"Thank you so much for your intro to healthy eating. I learned a lot. And have a lot more food knowledge to work into my meal planning. My dessert at lunch after a healthy home grown salad was a couple of almonds and cashew. Bob and I are so thankful..."
~ Lesley Strauss


Health Groups and Programs


IMG_8047"Hi. Wanted to let you know I am going strong. I am staying on the 2nd week of cleanse with a few minor exceptions. But the key principles are the same: no dairy, no sugar, no white potatoes or rice. I am using recipes in the book... I feel so much better. I am off of sugary desserts and I am amazed. I began because I wanted to eat healthier. While doing so, I have lost about 9 lbs. I am not consumed by the scale. I just weighed myself twice in 4 weeks...Thank you very much. I am glad I found you.
I know I have much to learn and it is exciting."
~ Anita Weiss, "Eating for Your Best Self" Program

"I'm not getting those "cravings" in the afternoon anymore! Yeah! The [program] is working. Feeling better....and I lost some weight too!"
~ Laurie Gross, Real Estate Agent, Caldwell Banker

"I have always been interested in nutrition and eating whole foods. This program reinforced and introduced new ways to make clean and healthy food choices, especially during the Holidays! 

~ Carrie C., "Smart Holiday Eating Support Group"

"My favorite part about the support group was getting to hear others' struggles and solutions! We are not alone!
~ Survey Responder, "Smart Holiday Eating Support Group"

"What a great opportunity to learn from passionate nutrition & lifestyle coach in intimate environment. Excellent group dynamic, shared learning, delicious, nutritious snacks!"
~ Survey Responder, "Smart Holiday Eating Support Group" 

"...In your program you included support which is wonderful. I also like how you explained the addictive quality of sugar in a way that I could understand. You are doing a great service by providing the information, the suggestions of how to make it work and providing the support...Being accountable to someone else was important for me. It is easy for me to cheat myself but not so with other people."
~ Kathy Tschaen, Certified Massage Therapist

"I enjoyed the group support and learned a lot of new info. I will use the information throughout the whole year...My favorite part was interacting with everyone."  
~ Tonja Hall, "Holiday Eating Support Group"


Educator Skills/Health Presentations


IMG_2087"She was great! I was really impressed with her level of knowledge. She is talking stuff that is not yet mainstream. Very valuable presentation. I also appreciated her straight talk about food companies and their intent. Awesome!"
~ RJO corporate manager


"I cannot say enough about how wonderful your presentation was today!  It was absolutely terrific!  All of us are still talking about it!!  [The attendees]… including two staff members…, got so much out of today's program, and learned a tremendous amount of information.  The recipes are so doable, and easy to prepare, and the food was absolutely delicious!...

Thank you again Evey!  It's been so great working with you, and I hope we have a chance to work together again.  I'm looking forward to sharing your information with my friends and fellow moms of children with special needs, as this is much needed health coaching for all of us."

~ Bobbi Goldman, Director of Development, Have Dreams

"Good Morning, I was just reading your "excellent" newsletter and thank you for the recipe...I did want to let you know that I am "TOTALLY" hooked on the cashew yogurt [from your recent talk!!] It is so simple and my yogurt machine works perfect with it. I even have my fiancé whipping up a smoothie for himself at lunch time using the yogurt! ...Thanks again and have a Wonderful day.
~ Cheryl Nichol

"Excellent article, Evey. I really like how you think and communicate!"      

~ Jeannie S.

"I’m looking forward to your newsletters and other talks. This is important stuff and you present it well. I appreciate that you’re flexible in your approach. No finger wagging—just inspiration!"  
~Barbara Miller

"I heard Evey speak at our public library. She did not give a formal lecture, but presented her material while engaging the participants, and offering delicious and healthy snacks to illustrate her message."
"I found Evey to be very knowledgeable and easy to understand. The information she shared made a difference in helping me meet my goals. She was also flexible enough to answer questions and address subjects on the spur of the moment."      
~ Survey Responder
"Thank you for sending the additional recipes. I really enjoyed your presentation. I loved seeing how committed and passionate you are about the topics of health and anti-aging. It is very clear that you are very knowledgeable. And you certainly practice what you preach."     
~ Ileen J.

"I just got home from your presentation. Delicious and interesting as always. I always learn so much from you! And your presentation/cooking skills are terrific. You make in 40 minutes what would take me days."
~ Nancy C.

"In just a half hour Evey provided so much important information on SUGARS. Warning ---it is everywhere. The presentation gave the listeners helpful graphics as well as time to take notes.The knowledge I learned has made me a better grocery shopper. I read the ingredient label more carefully. I give a second thought before putting an item in my shopping cart."
~ Lesley Strauss

"Great session.   I learned a lot and I thought I actually was eating pretty healthy but you asked some really good questions at the end!!!  THANK YOU!  Can you get my name on her newsletter?"
~ Corporate Health and Wellness Day attendee


Cooking Events


Evey talk"Ashley and I want to thank you very much for a stellar mom's night event!  You set the bar very high for our next one.  People keep talking about it.  Also, I just made the Magic Meatballs last night and my kids LOVED them.  Thanks again for your hard work."
~ Sara Labowitz

"Loved IT!!"     
~ Survey Responder, "Love Yourself with Kale Dinner"

"Thanks for a great meal!!! Evey, you really inspire me to try and cook “outside the box.” (I enjoyed the kale for breakfast by the way.)"
~Karen Parker 

"Hi Evey, I wanted to drop you a line to tell you that last night I made your "no fuss salmon cakes" for Mark and we both really enjoyed them!  I will definitely make them again. I have also made the mango pineapple smoothie many of my favorites.  Thank you for all the great recipes!"
~ GG Richter

"I was very satisfied with th[is] event.  Evey was very prepared! The handouts were very helpful. I love the idea of learning more, cooking together, sharing an evening and having provisions to take home."
~ Survey Responder, "Love Yourself with Kale Dinner"

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