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The Three Magi of (Paleo) Christmas Cookies!

Golden Almond, Frankly Delicious, and Mirthful! If you are eating foods that will keep your sugar cravings to a minimum this holiday season, these 3 recipes just may have you singing “Hallelujah!” These may not actually be the three kings of the Orient, but just like the Three Magi they are arriving just in time (even if you make them after Christmas!) And unlike their arduous journey, these are quick and easy to make! They contain NO grains, gluten, dairy, or processed sugars but will satisfy any craving you have for a satisfying snack. Read More

Paleo Christmas Cookies

Looking for a Healthier Version of Your Favorite Christmas Cookie? Through trial and error, I have developed a couple of recipes that taste incredible and don’t break all of the rules! I still make some of my traditional cookies, but I know I have these in the mix so I can enjoy the holiday festivities with the rest of my extended family. Read More

Turkey (or Chicken) Hash

Do you still have some leftover turkey (does it seem to be multiplying in the refrigerator behind closed doors?!) Maybe some sweet potatoes too? Here is a great recipe that makes a good hearty breakfast, but is equally delicious for lunch or dinner! Read More

Paleo Pumpkin Mousse

Thanksgiving may be over, but it is still the best season to bake up some pumpkin goodness! What to do with all that left over pumpkin around the holidays! Read More

Spice Up Your Life With Flavor, Not Empty Calories

This time of year is full of temptation when it comes to foods! Fall is filled with socializing with friends and family, and that tends to be accompanied by sugary, calorie laden foods. If you are trying not to gain weight and, more importantly, stay healthy, this can be a difficult time. Next time you are craving something, try reaching for a food that is full of flavor instead of empty sugar calories or processed ingredients. Using herbs, spices, and other seasonings will help flavor your food without adding extra sodium, calories, sugar, or fat. Not only that, but herbs and spices can be healthful as well as flavorful. Many combat chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease by regulating blood sugar levels, combatting inflammation and improving cholesterol levels. These Are a Few of My Favorite Things Read More

Are Processed Meats Really the Problem?

"Processed meats rank alongside smoking as cancer causes – WHO" "Are hot dogs really giving my child cancer?" "WHO says hot dogs, sausages cause cancer. Chicagoans say we are so dead." This week the World Health Organization published a report by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) on the health risks associated with processed meats and red meats. (IARC was established 50 years ago through a resolution of the World Health Assembly as a functionally independent cancer agency under the auspices of WHO.) Chicago headlines this week are reporting "Hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats cause cancer, WHO declares." That's enough to get anyone's attention! But is that the complete story? Read More

Healthy Snack Substitutions

Do you find that you are eating well but cave as soon as you are confronted with some crispy, salty chips or gooey chocolate chip cookies? Do you reach for an energy bar when you feel you need a boost? The trick is to have healthy alternatives in the house when a hunger pang or craving strikes. Read More

Quick Grilled Peaches and Cream

Are you trying to lose weight and stay healthy? Recent studies have shown that processed sugars in the American diet are the leading cause of weight gain and chronic disease. A great way to avoid unwanted processed sugar, high fructose syrup and artificial sweeteners is to substitute it with more fruit in your diet. Luckily, there is still an abundance of super ripe fresh fruit available for the picking or at your grocery store! Read on for Peaches and Cream, and Peach Tart recipes. Read More

The Sugar Show

I recently attended this presentation by Dr. Lynn Gettleman-Chehab that was sponsored by the Childcare Network of Evanston. Dr. Gettleman-Chehab's talk supports what I tell my clients about the danger of sugar, especially sugary foods. Below is a video of her talk that I think you will find interesting, and maybe even surprising! CNE hosts "The Sugar Show" for local families Did you know most sodas have more than 40 grams of sugar per serving -- the same as 2 full-size chocolate bars? On Wednesday, Aug. 12, CNE hosted a one-hour, free workshop presented by Dr. Lynn Gettleman-Chehab that dug deep into how much added sugar is in the food and drinks we consume, and what we can do to live healthier, more energized lives by seeking out alternatives. Read More

Kale: It's Not Just Another Pretty Leaf

It is hard to go into a restaurant these days without seeing kale in at least one dish on the menu. It might seem like this dark leafy green arose out of nowhere to achieve “superfood” status. But this hearty, nutrition packed vegetable has been around since Greek and Roman times... Read More